I am generating a Key and i need to record on server. When i tried locally, it Works ! The problem is when i try on the server... The archive is generated but when ON THE SERVER the download finish,but i cannot open and cannot save. I don´t get an error...but i just cannot save...

The code:

                string fileNamePrivate = @"pasta1/archive.txt";
                StreamWriter textWriterPriv = new StreamWriter(fileNamePrivate, true);
                var pemWriter = new PemWriter(textWriterPriv);
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Try to use

string fileNamePrivate = "~/PASTA1/archive.txt";
StreamWriter textWriterPriv = new StreamWriter(fileNamePrivate, false);

How is a Server you have to use HostingEnvironment.MapPath and set "false" instead "true" on StreamWriter if you need to overwrite.

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