Is there a way to remove trailing zeros from a Decimal field in a django template?

This is what I have: 0.0002559000 and this is what I need: 0.0002559.

There are answers suggesting to do this using the floatformat filter:

{{ balance.bitcoins|floatformat:3 }}

However, floatformat performs rounding (either down or up), which is unwanted in my case, as I only need to remove trailing zeros without any rounding at all.

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The solution is to use the normalize() method:

{{ balance.bitcoins.normalize }}
  • This isn't working for me, perhaps because I am taking the values from a .values() queryset and not directly from the database. – Adam Starrh May 22 at 20:17
  • Documentation for this is at… – surfer190 Jun 18 at 12:22

Try {{ balance.bitcoins|floatformat: -3 }}.

If the argument passed to floatformat is negative, it will round a number to that many decimal places – but only if there’s a decimal part to be displayed.

  • Please be advised the value -3 must be in quotes for this to work: {{balance.bitcoins|floatformat:"-3"}} (I'm not able to edit this answer due to a character restriction). – Adam Starrh May 22 at 20:16

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