I'm doing an assignment for my Intro to Computer Programming Concepts class which we were supposed to get from Github, I completed it and now we have to commit the changes on our own branch, publish and pull request. I was able to commit the changes but when I hit "publish" (these were all step-by-step, illustrated instructions from my professor on Github Desktop so I have no idea what I may be doing wrong), I get this error message:


I'm really confused, I have no idea what I may be doing wrong. I haven't found any information on this error message on Github and I did find one post on here but it was far too technical for me to understand and it didn't seem the issue was resolved anyhow. Note: I'm a noob using Github Desktop.

  • I should add I did restart the app, logged out/back in, and changed my password to no avail. – artaskingandanswering Oct 19 '16 at 23:41

I met a similar problem. The solution that I found is to sign out and re-sign in your github account. You can do it under File\Options\Accounts.

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  • Fixed my issue. Thanks! – DrinkJava Feb 17 '19 at 17:58

If for some reason github desktop isn't working you can just login on github.com and upload the uncommited files to your repository master branch (it should default to this) and create a new branch from that.

Click here to see how

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  • The only problem with it is GitHub will return an error when you drag & drop more than 100 files at the same time. The ability to upload/ update things from desktop would be nice when you have a complex project. – L.U. Sep 15 '19 at 16:16

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