I am a German user, but I prefer English UI. I've found no setting for the language in MAMP. I can change the URL manually to ?language=English, but that is lame. How to change the language?

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I renamed the resource directory de to de-off. MAMP control panel started in English, but the web page + tools were still in German. I patched MAMP\bin\mamp\php\functions.php to fix the $language:

$language = 'English';

Crude but works. Setting would be better.


In my case it was because my preference settings have german on the preferred language list. So I just change my language preference on my mac:

  1. System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  2. Click Language & Region.
  3. Remove German from the list
  4. Add english and Drag it to the second or first position of the Preferred languages list.

I've had the same problem. I set the language to English during installation and the UI is appropriately in English, but when I click on "Open WebStart page", the URL in the browser is http://localhost/MAMP/index.php?language=German.

I tried your method renaming the directory de to de-off and going to MAMP\bin\mamp\php\functions.php, but $language = 'English'; was already set, and I still had that problem.

So I used an even cruder method and copied the contents of MAMP\bin\mamp\translate\English.json into German.json. When that worked, I renamed the json file, just to see if it still worked, and it did ... :-)

But it's an awful method, and having that page synchronised by default with the language set during installation should be the professional way. I'll submit this as a request to MAMP.

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