I am using Lombok’s @Data annotation to create the basic functionality of my POJOs. When I try to use these generated methods, IntelliJ highlights these as errors (Cannot resolve method ‘getFoo()’) and seems to be unable to find them. They do however exist, as I am able to run code using these methods without any trouble.

I made sure to enable annotation processing, so that shouldn’t cause any problems.

How can I get IntelliJ to find the methods and stop wrongly marking them as errors?


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You will also need the lombok plugin.


Check if you have added lombok dependency Maven:



// https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.projectlombok/lombok
provided group: 'org.projectlombok', name: 'lombok', version: '1.16.18'

Install Lombok plugin

Preferences > Plugins > Browse Repositories >

Search for "Lombok" and install the plugin

Then you can import

import lombok.Data;

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