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I'm building dynamic library and want to use gtest for testing.

SET(GTEST_LIBRARY libs/googletest-master)
set(GTEST_INCLUDE_DIR libs/googletest-master/googletest/include)
#set(GTEST_MAIN_LIBRARY libs/googletest-master/googletest/include/gtest)

#find_package(PostgreSQL REQUIRED)

find_package(GTest REQUIRED)

But, berofe setting GTEST_MAIN_LIBRARY I have to build it first. How I can configure CMake to achieve this

  1. Build gtest with Cmake && make (on unix)
  2. Get appropriate path to GTEST_MAIN_LIBRARY
  3. continue build

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I copied gtests srcs into project make a build with Make and add this to CMake


SET(GTEST_LIBRARY libs/googletest-master)
set(GTEST_INCLUDE_DIR libs/googletest-master/googletest/include)
set(GTEST_MAIN_LIBRARY libs/googletest-master/googlemock/gtest)

find_package(GTest REQUIRED)
include_directories(${gtest_SOURCE_DIR}/include ${gtest_SOURCE_DIR})


If your put the source for googletest in a subdirectory parented where your CMakeLists.txt file is, the following should work:


add_executable(your_program ${MY_SRC})

add_dependencies(your_program gmock)
add_dependencies(your_program gtest)

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