I have setup environment with AWS EC2 based on ubuntu 14.04 and configure vncserver under it. After everything is done, i am able to connect the EC2 instance with VNC viewer and see desktop. However, after a period of time idle on vncviewer, the connection is disconnected and I have error "Too many authentication failures". After restart vncserver by go through ssh to EC2, i am able to use vncviewer to connect to instance again. Any solution for me to not having the error and connection is not disconnected?

  • have you configured security groups? or are you being attacked from the world on a wide open port? voting to close as off topic – Matt Clark Oct 20 '16 at 23:29
  • hi, i add the port into configured security groups in aws EC2 configuration. and no, I do think i am being attached from the world – jacobcan118 Oct 21 '16 at 4:23

You might try these commands:

# echo $DISPLAY
# ps -aef | grep sesman
# netstat -natp | grep vnc

If memory serves, if you get to more than ten no-longer-established vnc sessions, some VNC clients no longer allow additional connections. In this case, you need to kill the vnc processes that no longer have the established status.

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