I want to get filename with $_GET variable values from a url in php?

My url is http://dev.proprofs.com/helpdesk/admin/admin.php?t=email

I only want to retrieve the admin.php?t=email from the url?

How to do this? Please help.

  • print_r($_GET) and see what you get. Or be more specific and tell us what you're really trying to accomplish – ElefantPhace Oct 21 '16 at 5:15

Try this if you want get file name only.

print_r(pathinfo("/Your url go here",PATHINFO_BASENAME));

The out will get file name with extension.


Try this, use pathinfo

$filepath  = 'http://dev.proprofs.com/helpdesk/admin/admin.php?t=email';
$path_parts = pathinfo($filepath);

echo "dirname   : ".$path_parts['dirname']."\n";
echo "basename  : ".$path_parts['basename']."\n";
echo "extension : ".$path_parts['extension']."\n";
echo "filename  : ".$path_parts['filename']."\n";



dirname   : http://dev.proprofs.com/helpdesk/admin
basename  : admin.php?t=email
extension : php?t=email
filename  : admin


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