I'm new to TypeScript. On a Mac I'm using WebStorm 2016.2.4 for Node with TypeScript 2.0.

Interactive debugging works fine using generated maps, but runtime stack trace links point to JavaScript files, not original TypeScript files.

Is this normal and expected? Is there a WebStorm feature I'm missing that can translate those links to the original TypeScript file and line or is this just something TypeScript developers must suffer with?

  • Typescript developers must suffer with You should be able to see typescript files in debugger,. If say in Chrome do you see it try and load any .map files?. Does the generated javascript file have any references to .map files. I've not used Webstorm for a while now, but maybe it keeps internal map files when running in the debugger, so maybe you need to make sure the TypeScript config has map files enabled. – Keith Oct 21 '16 at 10:04
  • Thanks, I should have mentioned this is for server dev, not browser. The runtime stack trace of course is when the app is run, not while being debugged. – Jackpile Oct 21 '16 at 10:17
  • Oh, ok. I'm not sure node.js has source map support built in. But I've just seen -> github.com/dmail-old/node-sourcemap and others.. – Keith Oct 21 '16 at 10:21

I get stack traces using the TypeScript source file line numbers by requiring module source-map-support/register. This can be done a number of ways, e,.g. on the node command line with --require source-map-support/register, or you can require it in your main program. For unit testing, I have it in my mocha.opts file:

--require source-map-support/register

Another approach is using the ts-node package

  • I put in a Webstorm issue with the hopes they build this into Webstorm with a simple checkbox to enable. youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-44801 – Inigo Apr 9 '20 at 4:58
  • @burt-harris Webstorm is a Jetbrains product, re: the question being answered. It would be nice if Jetbrains built this into their IDE as they do so many other things, as explained in the opened issue. I referenced your comment. – Inigo Apr 10 '20 at 2:18
  • The answer I provided should be workable independent of IDE. I can't help with Webstorm specifically. I use vscode. – Burt_Harris Apr 12 '20 at 23:37
  • This works great for webstorm. Install the library globally and add -r source-map-support/register in the node parameters field of launch configuration. – realfire Apr 14 '20 at 5:08
  • This just works with a minimal of fuss. Within 30s i've installed source-map-support, added it my start script for TS e.g. node -r source-map-support/register build and I can see .ts stack traces.... beautiful – Reece Daniels Mar 1 at 23:59

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