Hi I have this column extracted from my data:

x <- data.frame(Category=factor(c("xxyyxyxyx", "xxyyyyxyx", "xxyyxyxyy",
           "yxyyxyxyx", "xxyyxyyyx")))
> x
1 xxyyxyxyx
2 xxyyyyxyx
3 xxyyxyxyy
4 yxyyxyxyx
5 xxyyxyyyx 

I have to calculate the corresponding row sum resulted from each three charaters in each row so I generate this matrix:

xx <- t(apply(x, 1, function(x){strsplit(gsub("([[:alnum:]]{3})", "\\1 ", x), " ")[[1]]}))

> xx

         [,1]  [,2]  [,3] 
     [1,] "xxy" "yxy" "xyx"
     [2,] "xxy" "yyy" "xyx"
     [3,] "xxy" "yxy" "xyy"
     [4,] "yxy" "yxy" "xyx"
     [5,] "xxy" "yxy" "yyx"

each xx cell corresponds to a value given in this vector

matval=c("xxy"=3, "yxy"=2, "xyx"=7, "xyy"=5, "yyx"=12, "yyy"= 4)

I would like based on the matrix xx to add in the matrix x a column containing the sum of each row i.e.,


   Category    RowSum
 1 xxyyxyxyx     12
 2 xxyyyyxyx     14
 3 xxyyxyxyy     10
 4 yxyyxyxyx     11
 5 xxyyxyyyx     17

Many thanks in advance!

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We can use the key/value index to replace the values in 'xx' and get the rowSums

x$RowSum <- rowSums(`dim<-`(matval[xx], dim(xx)))

The 'xx' can also be created with strsplit

 do.call(rbind, strsplit(as.character(x$Category), "(?<=.{3})", perl = TRUE))
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    very neat. I was about to suggest faffing around with match. – JDL Oct 21 '16 at 10:19
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    Thank you for this solution ! If matval is a data.frame i.e,matval=data.frame(cate=c("xxy", "yxy", "xyx", "xyy", "yyx", "yyy"), val=c(3, 2,7, 5, 12, 4)) – sdhaoui Oct 23 '16 at 22:54
  • the same result can be obtained? If Yes can you please precise me how? – sdhaoui Oct 23 '16 at 22:57
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    @sdhaoui Try by creating a named vector matval1 <- setNames(matval$val, matval$cate) and then use matval1 in the code – akrun Oct 24 '16 at 2:35

1) matval[xx] will give the individual values which can then be shaped back into a matrix and summed:

transform(x, RowSum = rowSums(array(matval[xx], dim(xx))))


   Category RowSum
1 xxyyxyxyx     12
2 xxyyyyxyx     14
3 xxyyxyxyy     10
4 yxyyxyxyx     11
5 xxyyxyyyx     17

2) An alternative which computes the result directly from x without computing xx first is the following. It extracts each three characters and applies matval[...] to each such extract and then sums the resulting matrix.


transform(x, RowSums = 
   colSums(strapply(paste(Category), "...", s ~ matval[s], simplify = TRUE)))

Note: Another way to compute xx is to insert a space after every third character, read it into a data frame and convert that to a matrix.

as.matrix(read.table(text = gsub("(...)", "\\1 ", x$Category)))

or read it in using read.fwf based on 3 fixed width fields of 3 characters each:

as.matrix(read.fwf(textConnection(paste(x$Category)), rep(3, 3)))

or using substring:

from <- seq(1, 9, 3)
to <- from + 3 - 1
t(sapply(x$Category, substring, from, to))

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