I'm trying to do testing with Selenium 2 and phpunit. I'm using selenium-server-standalone-2.53.1.jar and launch the test firefox opens blank and does nothing.

phpunit gives this message:

 PHPUnit_Extensions_Selenium2TestCase_WebDriverException: Unable to connect to host on port 7055 after 45000 ms. Firefox console output

Can anyone tell me what happens? Thmks.


Use geckodriver.

You need geckodriver for running tests in latest Firefox browsers. Firefox doesn't support Firefox driver anymore.

  1. Download geckodriver and place it in PATH
  2. Use Selenium 3.0 for running tests

Or use Firefox 47.* or 45 ESR with the old driver.


Firefox release 48.0 states the following:

Add-ons that have not been verified and signed by Mozilla will not load

Firefox driver fell under this category, and it had no chances of passing verification without being re-written. Geckodriver, though, is built in the same way as Chromedriver and IEdriver are, and kinda works.

Some more info is available here

  • I used firefox 45. thanks @BVengerov – davidplpz Oct 21 '16 at 14:11

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