Who has been working with client GitKraken as GIT, you will know that authentication required?

For the application, log in with: firstemail@outlook.com

The repository is with: businessemail@bussiness.com

It requires credentials to make a pull, but I tried with both emails and usernames, and does not allow me.

Capture: enter image description here

In SourceTree it works perfectly, but here not!. Thanked fully!.


The credentials asked for, are the credentials for the repo you are trying to access, not for your Gitkraken account, which is very confusing.

If you are using visualstudio.com, you would have to generate Git credentials. Do this by browsing to your project, click 'Code' and then on the right top corner, there is a button 'clone'. Press that, a popup opens. In there, click 'generate git credentials'. Fill in a username/password combo and press 'save git credentials'. That combo will now work with GitKraken.


Adding additional information, as this just bit me today.

The login credentials it is requesting are from visualstudio.com (VSTS). Authenticating to VSTS through GitKraken request a personal access token (PAT) or git credentials (as mentioned by user Roet). Personal access tokens can be created through the VSTS web portal, as described in this blog post (no relation): Personal Access Tokens in VSTS


I think gitkraken have a bug. On version 1.9.3 they specified that

Oh dear. Our 1.9.2 update broke fetching, pushing and pulling when connecting to hosts without GitKraken integration (GitLab, etc). This should now be working as expected

I'm on 1.9.3, but I still have the problem Check your version and be patient :)

  • same problem here. i have tried my gitlab credentials with no success. And i'm using 2.6 version – rodrigorf Jul 10 '17 at 1:24

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