I have a small website built with .Net core that includes a SQLite database and entity framework core. I'm using VS Code and on a mac.

It is easy to manage the database locally - dotnet ef database update works great. The problem is running migrations when deploying to Azure.

My repo is on GitHub, and I configured Azure to pull code from GitHub when I push to the master branch. The deploy is working fine, but migrations aren't running on Azure.

I've seen some suggestions that I can use yourDbContext.Database.Migrate() in Startup.cs, however it appears that .Migrate() is no longer available.

I've tried downloading the deployment script from Azure and customizing it by adding call :ExecuteCmd dotnet ef database update -e Production to deploy.cmd, but that doesn't appear to be working.

I've tried using the PS shell I can access through the Kudu site to manually run migrations, but when trying to run dotnet ef database update the result is, No executable found matching command "dotnet-ef"

There is a very similar question here (EF Core (1.0.0) Migrations On Azure App Services), but that question did not get any answers.


You can run context.Database.Migrate() when you initialize the database in your code. The migrations will run when you first launch your application

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    Thanks @matthijsb - I had seen this answer in a few places and it wasn't working for me. I tried it again and got it to work. The trick was I needed to add using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore; to the top of Startup.cs. Without it I was still able to create the context and intellisense in VS Code found .Database. But it didn't find .Migrate() until the additional using was added. – Dingels35 Oct 23 '16 at 0:49
  • Found an solution in this link stackoverflow.com/questions/42624340/… – Jo Paul Jan 22 at 22:24

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