I'm behind a corporate firewall, proxying the npm repository with Nexus. During the post install step, node-sass tries to curl from https://github.com/sass/node-sass/releases/download/v3.10.1/linux-x64-48_binding.node but fails due to the firewall. Adding a firewall rule to let the request get through is not an option. If it's possible to also proxy Github through Nexus, that may be an option but I haven't been able to get that configuration working when I've tried.

This is also for a Jenkins build, so having the developer do a npm rebuild node-sass after the failed install is not an option. I need the install to work, or the Jenkins build will fail.

Is there any way to install node-sass from just the npm registry without also having to download anything from other sources during the post-install step?


I think you are looking for

in your .npmrc




You can install the the node-sass using

npm install node-sass --sass-binary-site=http://example.com/ or
npm install node-sass --sass-binary-path=<your binary file>

the binary file can be downloaded from github.

Or you can add the flowing line to .npmrc

# change the /home/wangxiang/linux-x64-72_binding.node to your real path

and then:

npm install node-sass

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