Consider this aggregate root...

class Contact 
    ICollection<ContactAddress> Addresses { get; set; }
    ICollection<ContactItem> Items { get; set; }
    ICollection<ContactEvent> Events { get; set; }

...which I have used like so...

class Person 
    Contact ContactDetails { get; set; }

How do I eager load all of the collections with the contact?

I tried this...

    .Include(o => o.ContactDetails)
    .ThenInclude(o => o.Addresses)
    . ...

I've also tried this...

    .Include(o => o.ContactDetails.Addresses)
    .Include(o => o.ContactDetails.Events)
    .Include(o => o.ContactDetails.Items)

On a somewhat related note, is it possible to express what should be returned as part of an aggregate root using fluent configuration?

  • @Igor, I've already seen the SO post, and tried the suggestions on the MSDN article...nothing working I'm afraid. Oct 21, 2016 at 17:05
  • The ability to define aggregate roots is tracked by issue #1985.
    – bricelam
    Oct 24, 2016 at 15:25

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The ThenInclude pattern allows you to specify a path from the root to a single leaf, hence in order to specify a path to another leaf, you need to restart the process from the root by using the Include method and repeat that for each leaf.

For your sample it would be like this:

    .Include(o => o.ContactDetails).ThenInclude(o => o.Addresses) // ContactDetails.Addresses 
    .Include(o => o.ContactDetails).ThenInclude(o => o.Items) // ContactDetails.Items
    .Include(o => o.ContactDetails).ThenInclude(o => o.Events) // ContactDetails.Events

Reference: Loading Related Data - Including multiple levels

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