I run a command and get below result:

numid=181,iface=MIXER,name='pcm1_in Gain 0 Volume'
  ; type=INTEGER,access=rw---R--,values=2,min=-1440,max=360,step=0
  : values=-360,-360
  | dBscale-min=-144.00dB,step=0.10dB,mute=0

I need to get the value -360, and this value can vary from -1440 to 360. How to use some shell commands and regular expression to do it? Thanks!

  • which -360 you need of -360,-360? first or second? Is the output a single line or multiple line? – SMA Oct 22 '16 at 17:51
  • Either is OK. They are always equal. The output has 4 lines. – Tom Xue Oct 22 '16 at 17:57
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You can pipe your command to sed.

For one line output:

yourcommand | sed -n 's/.*: values=\(-*[^,]*\),.*/\1/p'

For multiline output:

yourcommand | sed -n ':a;$!N;s/\n/ /;ta;s/.*: values=\(-*[^,]*\),.*/\1/p'

The string between : values= and , is captured and output using backreference

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