There are a logo on artifcats in mvnrepository. Can't find the way to do that. Example: http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.apache.nifi/nifi-api

This is my artifact and the icon is {h}: https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/ru.sadv1r.vk/vk-parser

How to change it?


You should be able to put a logo tag directly under the project and organization tag with the URL of your logo in your pom.xml file. For more info you can check the Maven doc here: http://maven.apache.org/archives/maven-1.x/reference/maven-model/3.0.2/maven.html


This was true for Maven 1.x. As far as I know, Maven 2.x takes the logo from your SCM. For instance, this is one of my projects on GitHub which is also on Maven with the same logo without me putting anything on the POM:

Github: https://github.com/BotMill

Maven: http://mvnrepository.com/search?q=botmill&ref=opensearch

  • Maven Central only seems to pull the logo when an artifact is first added. If you update the logo in GitHub, the Maven Central logo will not change. – Luke Hutchison Oct 14 '18 at 5:55
  • My project is listed with an Octocat image, like any other with an io.github. group prefix. It ignored my github user image, which predates the project by years. So the logic seems fuzzy. – Synesso Mar 3 at 0:17

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