I want to know which is more safe to implement for authentication?& why? Session based authentication OR Token based authentication

I know sessions can be used for other things as well but right now i am only interested about authentication.

Is it true that nothing is stored on server side if using tokens (not even in memory)? If yes, then how it identifies against expired tokens as that had also been signed using the same secret?


Before I answer your question, let me tell you a little about the pros and cons of using Token Based authentication and Session Based Authentication:

Session Based Authentication Pros:

  1. It is opaque, it doesn't carry meaningful data and so a 3rd party can't make any meaning out of it
  2. It can also be secured with flags
  3. It can't be compromised by XSS Attacks

Cons: 1. Server stores user session on Database, Cache or Memory 2. It has to be secured against CRSF

Token Authentication Pros

  1. Server doesn't need to store sessions

Cons 1) Server still needs to store blacklisted tokens which defeats the purpose of stateless 2) When scaling, secret needs to be served between server 3) data stored in a token can go stale since it's cached 4) Most importantly, it is vulnerable to XSS Attack. Meaning that any malicious code, script or attack can gain access or steal user info, permissions etc if compromised

First Question:

Which is safer to implement? Answer: Session Authentication

Reasons: 1. Either way, you still need to maintain your server state 2. Your data is always more secured server side than client side 3. It is very easy or easier to mitigate against CSRF Attacks than XSS 4. Sessions are easily managed 5. And Data never goes stale

Second Question Answer: user sessions are not saved on the server side except revoked tokens

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