I have multiple bash scripts to bounce Jboss instances in multiple directories. These scripts accepts arguments

start | stop | reload | status | restart.


I wish to have a single bash script which accepts the same arguments and execute all the 5 scripts mentioned above.

/opt/singlescript.sh start ---- must execute all the 5 scripts with start argument.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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It would look something like this. There are multiple ways to do this and this is just one way

echo "invoking x/X_FE with $1"
sh /opt/xyz/x/X_FE.sh $1

echo "invoking x/X_BE with $1"
sh /opt/xyz/x/X_BE.sh $1

echo "invoking y/Y_FE with $1"
sh /opt/xyz/y/Y_FE.sh $1

echo "invoking x/Y_BE with $1"
sh /opt/xyz/y/Y_BE.sh $1

echo "invoking z/Z_FE with $1"
sh /opt/xyz/z/Z_BE.sh $1
  • Thanks a lot. It worked. – Jithin Oct 24 '16 at 15:25

Using GNU Parallel it looks like:

parallel ::: /opt/xyz/x/X_FE.sh  /opt/xyz/x/X_BE.sh /opt/xyz/y/Y_FE.sh /opt/xyz/y/Y_BE.sh /opt/xyz/z/Z_BE.sh ::: start
parallel ::: /opt/xyz/x/X_FE.sh  /opt/xyz/x/X_BE.sh /opt/xyz/y/Y_FE.sh /opt/xyz/y/Y_BE.sh /opt/xyz/z/Z_BE.sh ::: stop

If they cannot be run in parallel add -j1:

parallel -j1 ::: /opt/xyz/x/X_FE.sh  /opt/xyz/x/X_BE.sh /opt/xyz/y/Y_FE.sh /opt/xyz/y/Y_BE.sh /opt/xyz/z/Z_BE.sh ::: start

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