I am very new to NiFi and I am trying to solve the following scenario:

I have a fixed width file in the following format:

AAAAAxbnkdf fg kjsdkgghjkg
CCCCCjljdsjglg gjg dkljgllkjds
EEEEEEkljdfgkd jksf sbgjsdljkga
AAAAAxbnkdfsfg grgh kjsdkgghjkg
CCCCCjljdsjgl jdjd jgdkljglsds

I want to scan each line of the file and check for lines starting with 'AAAAA'or 'CCCCC'. The output should be three different flow files where the first file should contain all the lines starting with 'AAAAA', the second file should contain all the lines starting with 'CCCCC' and the third flow file should contain all the other lines.


Try the RouteText processor. You will need to do a bit of configuration and add dynamic properties for the 'AAAAA' and 'CCCCC' lines:

  • Routing Strategy: Route to each matching Property Name
  • Matching Strategy: Starts With

After making these changes, the processor will have output relationships for 'AAAAA', 'CCCCCC', and 'unmatched' (for everything else).

  • James' answer is very good, but RouteText separates each line as an individual flowfile. If you want to aggregate the resulting flowfiles into collective ones, use a MergeContent processor following the RouteText. – Andy Oct 24 '16 at 18:20
  • @Andy, that wasn't my experience, despite the docs. I think with the settings above it will route all matching lines as one flowfile. – James Oct 24 '16 at 18:52
  • Thanks James. I'll investigate and update the documentation if necessary. – Andy Oct 24 '16 at 18:53

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