We are creating a customization where we would like to link every code related TASK to a bug.

My Plan is to check a task for category "Code" and check if it has a bug in bugtracking system. If not we will create a bug in bug tracking system and attach it to the TASK as below

 Reference = BugId 
Source = Bugzilla
link = task.Links.first() link.url = "Bug tracking url"

So here lies the problem, through Python SDK, what is the function to be called to create a Link which should get attached to the TASK and have the url of the bug tracking system in the URL attribute.

When I next query for Links in the corresponding task asset I should be able to fetch the bug tracking URL through



The way to achieve it is to create a link and attach the asset to the asset property of the link

For Ex: v1 is an instacnce of V1Meta package from v1pysdk

asset = v1.asset_from_oid('Task:2209')
taskSource = v1.TaskSource.where(Name="Bugzilla").first()

Now create a link like below

new_link = v1.Link.create(

Above code will create a link and the link is attached to the asset

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