I'm running this sed command:

sed -e 's/\/[[:word:]]+//g' *.csv

and in *.csv files I have something like:

name/name, val1, val2
name2/name2, val3, val4

I want delete the one name and / so to obtain name, val1, val2.... But I obtain this error:

sed: -e expression #1, char 18: Invalid character class name

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04

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sed is supporting POSIX regular expressions. POSIX simply doesn't define a character class [:word:] and so doesn't sed.

You can use the following command:

sed 's~/[[:alnum:]]\{1,\}~~' file

It is using the character class [:alnum:] which matches letters and numbers. The + quantifier you were using doesn't exist in POSIX regular expressions. You need to use \{1,\} to express one or more.


There is no character class named [:word:], hence the error message regarding invalid character class name.

Presumably, you are trying to remove /name portion from input, if so do:

sed -E 's_/[^,]*__' file.csv

Here we have used _ as the sed's s (substitution) operator delimiter.


% sed -E 's_/[^,]*__' <<<'name/name, val1, val2'
name, val1, val2

You can also use cut or awk for this, assuming you want to delete everything up to and including / from the lines...

$ cat ip.txt 
name/name, val1, val2
name2/name2, val3, val4

$ cut -d/ -f2 ip.txt 
name, val1, val2
name2, val3, val4

$ awk -F/ '{print $2}' ip.txt 
name, val1, val2
name2, val3, val4

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