I upgraded my project to Swift 3.0, but after the update the app won't run on the simulator. It doesn't crash, but simply freeze.

I investigated the issue and saw the the apps hangs on the initialisation of the custom fonts.

I copied the function below.

func registerMaterialFont() {
    let url = Bundle.main.url(forResource: "Material-Design-Iconic-Font", withExtension: "otf")!
    let data = try! Data(contentsOf: url)

    let provider = CGDataProvider(data: data as CFData)

    print("Test 1")

    let font = CGFont(provider!)

    print("Test 2")

    var error: Unmanaged<CFError>?
    if !CTFontManagerRegisterGraphicsFont(font, &error) {
        //Error handling here
    } else {
        log.info("Material Font registered");

The console will only print Test 1.

Does somebody has an idea whats going on?

NB:. This app is running on a testPhone with sim card and not running on an phone without a simcard!

Edit: Stack trace If I press pauze in the Debug console, the following stack trace is displayed:

Stack Trace

    0x10c765fa4 <+0>:  movq   %rcx, %r10
    0x10c765fa7 <+3>:  movl   $0x1000024, %eax          ; imm = 0x1000024 
    0x10c765fac <+8>:  syscall 
->  0x10c765fae <+10>: retq   
    0x10c765faf <+11>: nop    
  • 2
    Run the app through the debugger. When it gets stuck, click on the Pause button in the debugger and look at the resulting stack trace to see where it is stuck.
    – rmaddy
    Oct 25, 2016 at 14:25
  • @rmaddy I updated the stack trace to the comment.
    – Bas
    Oct 25, 2016 at 14:32
  • Looks like a nasty bug in CGFontCreate. It's using dispatch_once which in turn is calling CGFontCreate. The 2nd call is now blocked waiting on the previous call to finish.
    – rmaddy
    Oct 25, 2016 at 14:35
  • 1
    See the note in the rdar you linked? "Calling [UIFont systemFontOfSize:12]; before drawing PDF fixes the problem.". Try that yourself. Access UIFont at the start of your registerMaterialFont method.
    – rmaddy
    Oct 25, 2016 at 14:53
  • 1
    Instead of posting that as an update to your question, post a proper answer.
    – rmaddy
    Oct 25, 2016 at 15:26

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This is a bug in IOS/Swift. (See for more information: http://www.openradar.me/18778790)


_ = UIFont() 



Will prevent the function from deadlocking.

  • Calling [UIFont systemFontOfSize:12]; as suggested in the link worked for me.
    – Adamski
    Feb 6, 2017 at 15:36
  • Any idea what is the reason for this ?? I had the same issue trying to create let fontRef = CGFont(fontProviderRef) and the App Crashes. When I added let _ = UIFont() It's fixed and the crash doesn't happen, but I have no idea why?
    – KarimIhab
    Feb 5, 2018 at 15:15

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