Spark 1.6.1, Scala api.

For a dataframe, I need to replace all null value of a certain column with 0. I have 2 ways to do this. 1.

myDF.withColumn("pipConfidence", when($"mycol".isNull, 0).otherwise($"mycol"))


myDF.na.fill(0, Seq("mycol"))

Are they essentially the same or one way is preferred?

Thank you!


There are not the same but performance should be similar. na.fill uses coalesce but it replaces NaN and NULLs not only NULLS.

val y = when($"x" === 0, $"x".cast("double")).when($"x" === 1, lit(null)).otherwise(lit("NaN").cast("double"))
val df = spark.range(0, 3).toDF("x").withColumn("y", y)

df.withColumn("y", when($"y".isNull(), 0.0).otherwise($"y")).show()
df.na.fill(0.0, Seq("y")).show()

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