I am new in Telegram API and I am eagerly wanted to know that, how actually it is working and How can I get the base URL to access the methods of the Telegram API. For example I want to know how can I call the below Method in API (Windows Phone) Link: https://core.telegram.org/method/auth.checkPhone

Thank You.

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The telegram.org API is unlike any other API I have worked with and requires nearly complete mtproto protocol implementation before you can communicate with the server, at all. This makes a typical "Hello World" type of beginners program nearly 1000 lines long.

Here is a good explanation of the protocol, at least to get the process started: https://www.incibe.es/extfrontinteco/img/File/intecocert/EstudiosInformes/INT_Telegram_EN.pdf

The above article is about defeating the telegram transport protocol (mtproto) so goes into depth about how it works, which is useful. Plus, there is a sequence diagram of authorization key creation (very helpful!).

Once you have an authorization key (from the instructions in the link above) you can send methods, like auth.checkPhone, to the server. Some methods will require you to login with the auth.signIn method successfully before they can be processed.

Good luck! It is a journey.

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