Let's mod.reb:

    REBOL[Type: module Name: mod]
    export: add 1 2

Let's test.reb:

    import 'mod

Running r3 test.reb, got:

    ** Script error: add has no value
    ** Where: do module catch case load-module apply for-each case import do either either either --anonymous--
    ** Near: ... add 3 2

Same trouble with other funcs instead of 'add.

No trouble with other names instead of 'export

No trouble inserting a dummy 'export before export: ... (!?)

Why this?

  • Looks to be a bug in the way modules collects words for export which in turn is due to a bug in PARSE. In Rebol 2, parse [foo:][to 'foo skip] would return FALSE, however in Rebol 3 this returns TRUE, even if parse [foo:][to 'foo 'foo] returns FALSE. – rgchris Mar 19 '17 at 9:21

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