Till version 3.27 of the google maps javascript api you can get the waypoints by looping through the via_waypoints-Array of the leg-Objects of the alternative route.

The problem is that the via_waypoints-attribute for alternative routes in the direction response is now deprecated, so there is IMHO no (easy) way of getting the alternative/discriminating waypoints and therefore no way of requesting the alternative route or list the waypoints of the resulting route.

Is there a way to get somehow the waypoints of the alternative route?

Any thoughts, any ideas? thanks in advance


Unfortunately, I don't see any other way of getting these waypoints than following the suggestion of Google:

Version 3.27 will be the last version of the API that supports via_waypoints in alternative routes.

The recommended approach is to request alternative routes, then display all routes as non-draggable plus the main route as draggable. Users can drag the main route until it matches an alternative route. The via_waypoints field is available on the resulting route (dragged by the user).

As from version 3.27+ the alternative routes won't be returned, I suggest you to either make seperate requests for the alternative routes or to switch to another directions service provider.

  • Thanks for your fast response! Unfortunately this is not the answer I was hoping for...maybe someone else has an idea how to get the missing waypoints in some way. – friedi Oct 27 '16 at 13:22

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