Could you tell me please how i can get current language name or somthing like this.

I want customize Locale Switcher on web site based on October CMS.

It will be greate to recevie something like

{{ set var = ****.getLocale();}}
then use it for switch($var){}

In twig you can access the current language with {{ activeLocale }}, the full language name with {{ activeLocaleName }} and an array with all locales available with {{ locales }}.

You could use {{ dump() }} to see all variables available on a page. If you try it you will find the locale variables right there as well.

  • unfortunately {{ activeLocale }} is empty for me. – alexwenzel Apr 4 '17 at 9:48
  • 1
    @alexwenzel did you add the translate plugin to the page? – BenjaVR Apr 4 '17 at 11:02

i tried with activeLocale and also with locales array but one can not stop the loop and thus it was impossible for me to render some content conditionally. this is how i solved it, after reading the logic of plugin that how it is working, I did this in one of my partials.

use RainLab\Translate\Classes\Translator;
protected $translator;

function onStart()
    $this->translator = Translator::instance();
    $this['SelectedLanguage'] = $this->activeLocale = $this->translator->getLocale();
{% set CurrentLanguage = SelectedLanguage %}

now {{CurrentLanguage}} will give me code for current language so now using twig i can do some conditional rendering like this

{% if CurrentLanguage is same as('en') %}{% endif %}
{% if CurrentLanguage is same as('tr') %}{% endif %}
{% if CurrentLanguage is same as('gr') %}{% endif %}

Maybe there could be a another solution. but this one worked like charm.


Although, In case of components or elsewhere one can use session to retrieve the current language this way,


Assuming that you use RainLab.Translate plugin?

Create a partial that uses the localePicker component and then use your custom code:

<div>{{ activeLocale }} - {{ activeLocaleName }}</div>
{% for code, name in localePicker.locales %}
    <div>{{ code }} - {{ name }}</div>
{% endfor %}

And just call that partial from where you want to use it.

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