I often see these two patterns for appending an Optional value to a Seq:

def example1(fooList: Seq[Foo], maybeFoo: Option[Foo]): Seq[Foo]) = {
  if (maybeFoo.isDefined)
    fooList :+ maybeFoo.get

def example2(fooList: Seq[Foo], maybeFoo: Option[Foo]): Seq[Foo]) = {
  maybeFoo match {
    case Some(foo) => fooList :+ foo
    case None => fooList

Both of those methods work, but they seem verbose and ugly. Is there an existing operator or method to do this more naturally/functionally?


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    If you just want to stream line the approach you have, you can write fooOpt.map(fooSeq :+ _).getOrElse(fooSeq) as well.
    – DK_
    Oct 27, 2016 at 21:18

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Option implicitly converts into a sequence with 1 or 0 items so the following works:

scala> val opt = Some("a")
opt: Some[String] = Some(a)

scala> val nope = None
nope: None.type = None

scala> val seq = Seq("a", "b", "c")
seq: Seq[String] = List(a, b, c)

scala> seq ++ opt
res3: Seq[String] = List(a, b, c, a)

scala> seq ++ nope
res4: Seq[String] = List(a, b, c)
maybeFoo.foldLeft(fooList)(_ :+ _)

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