I tried to read my own images for training in TensorFlow. However, there seems to be an error:

ValueError: 'size' must be a 1-D Tensor of 2 elements: new_height, new_width. 

What is wrong with the following code sample?



filename, content = reader.read(filename_queue)
images=tf.image.decode_jpeg(content, channels=3)
images=tf.cast(images, tf.float32)
resized_images=tf.image.resize_images(images, 224, 224)

image_batch, label_batch=tf.train.batch([resized_images, labels], batch_size=2)
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    what is the error? please provide it. – Mox Oct 28 '16 at 7:00

The error says, size must be a 1-D Tensor. What tensorflow actually means with this is just to make the second argument of tf.image.resize_images a tuple:

resized_images = tf.image.resize_images(images, (224, 224))

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