If I were to follow the guide and integrate with my TensorFlow workflow (https://blog.keras.io/keras-as-a-simplified-interface-to-tensorflow-tutorial.html) as with others, you cannot access the weight variable because we won't be building the model as shown in the guide. We're merely using the layers. There is no need to compile when we use it as a simplified interface to TensorFlow. How then do we access the weights (variables)?

Because if we use with TensorFlow like the guide, we do not call Model or Compile but merely use the layers to build.

  • Can you add the code where you would like to get the variables? – Toke Faurby Jun 12 '17 at 12:08

If you are talking about the part where the model is defined as:

x = Dense(128, activation='relu')(img)
x = Dense(128, activation='relu')(x)
preds = Dense(10, activation='softmax')(x)  # output layer with 10 units and a softmax activation

Then you are right, you cannot access the variables, but it is because we don't give the layer a name (we are only tracking the tensor x).

If you want to access the variables, while using a similar notation you would have to do something like this:

l1 = Dense(128, activation='relu')
l2 = Dense(128, activation='relu')
out = Dense(10, activation='softmax')
preds = out(l2(l1(img)))

Then you can access the variables of, say l1 by l1.weights.

If you are interested in how to access the variables when using Sequential use: model.layers[i].weights where i is the index of the layer you are interested in.

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