IDE: NetBeans 8.2 Windows 7

I installed codenameone under NB 8.2 and can't get a demo to load. They all say 'The project source/binary format is older than minimal supported one (1.6).'

Also can't get the codenameone plugin to update.

any suggestions? thanks.


There was a problem with older plugins which should work for 3.5.6 or newer.

As a workaround make sure the project is set to use Java 8 and open the build.xml file. Replace all references to 1.5 to 1.8.


This resolved my "Resolve Project Problems", but I still get this error when running the ToDoApp (and others) :

/Users/nnnnn/netbeans-tutorial/All-codenameone-demos/ToDoApp/build.xml:51: taskdef class com.codename1.build.client.CodeNameOneBuildTask cannot be found using the classloader AntClassLoader[]

Now I came a little longer as I in preferences, Java added, Add JAR/ZIP: .codenameone/CodeNameOneBuildClient.jar

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