Is there a way to define user function for a rolling window design?
For Example, I know we can calculate average with rollover as follows -

val wSpec1 = Window.orderBy("c1").rowsBetween(-20, +20)
var dfWithMovingAvg = df.withColumn( "Avg",avg(df("c2")).over(wSpec1))

Now,In case I need to change average to custom function (XYZ), how do I do it? Like say for example,I need to perform +,-,+,- alternatively - that to over rolling window

val wSpec1 = Window.orderBy("c1").rowsBetween(-20, +20)
var dfWithAlternate = df.withColumn( "alter",XYZ(df("c2")).over(wSpec1))

Now How do I define the function XYZ? I know i can do it, but the challenge of syntax proved too tough. I did go through avg function, even that was very tough to understand.

  • Even if you could this won't work with wSpec1 like this.
    – user6022341
    Oct 29 '16 at 10:17
  • @LostInOverflow : Thanks for the comment, Could you help me with an example on how to use user defined function for rolling window. My example is not very accurately put in question. But I am wondering how to use UDF in rolling window. Oct 29 '16 at 10:32

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