Have a String being sent from in the below format:


How do i construct a PublicKey Object from this string ? Have tried the below Remove the header and footer and base64 decode the buffer

public static PublicKey getFromString(String keystr) throws Exception
  //String S1= asciiToHex(keystr);
   byte[] keyBytes = new sun.misc.BASE64Decoder().decodeBuffer(keystr);
   X509EncodedKeySpec spec =
       new X509EncodedKeySpec(keyBytes);
     KeyFactory kf = KeyFactory.getInstance("RSA");
     return kf.generatePublic(spec);


This fails either as an invalid key format or will get below error

java.security.spec.InvalidKeySpecException: java.security.InvalidKeyException: IOException: algid parse error, not a sequence
 at sun.security.rsa.RSAKeyFactory.engineGeneratePublic(RSAKeyFactory.java:188)
 at java.security.KeyFactory.generatePublic(KeyFactory.java:304)
 at PublicKeyReader.getFromString(PublicKeyReader.java:30)
 at Tst.main(Tst.java:36)

The Key is being generated thro the API of openSSL PEM_write_bio_RSAPublicKey(bio, rsa);

  • Have used the link .But will not do the converstion to der format – MSSV Oct 27 '10 at 12:20
  • Note that what you're trying to do isn't really a "conversion to DER". Converting to DER is just decoding what's base64 here and output it as a sequence of bytes. You're trying to decode the ASN.1 structure. – Bruno Nov 3 '10 at 16:34

by calling PEM_write_bio_RSAPublicKey only the key modulus and public exponent are encoded into the output PEM data. However the X509EncodedKeySpec is expected this ASN.1 key format:

 SubjectPublicKeyInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
   algorithm AlgorithmIdentifier,
   subjectPublicKey BIT STRING }

You should use the PEM_write_bio_PUBKEY function which encodes the public key using the SubjectPublicKeyInfo structure which as expected by X509EncodedKeySpec

An other possible solution to decode the key. Unfortunately I don't think it is possible to do only with the standard JDK API but it can be done with the Bouncycastle library

import org.bouncycastle.asn1.*;
import org.bouncycastle.asn1.x509.RSAPublicKeyStructure;

public static PublicKey getFromString(String keystr) throws Exception
  //String S1= asciiToHex(keystr);
   byte[] keyBytes = new sun.misc.BASE64Decoder().decodeBuffer(keystr);
   ASN1InputStream in = new ASN1InputStream(keyBytes);
   DERObject obj = in.readObject();
   RSAPublicKeyStructure pStruct = RSAPublicKeyStructure.getInstance(obj);
   RSAPublicKeySpec spec = new RSAPublicKeySpec(pStrcut.getModulus(), pStruct.getPublicExponent());
   KeyFactory kf = KeyFactory.getInstance("RSA");
   return kf.generatePublic(spec);
  • how or where should the SubjectPublicKeyInfo structure be specified? – MSSV Oct 27 '10 at 18:59
  • The SubjectPublicKeyInfo structure is specified in the RFC 5280 (tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5280) and the public key structures are specified in the RFC 3279 (tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3279) – Jcs Oct 27 '10 at 21:26
  • The Client key is received so will not be able to change the format.Can you suggest any other way of loading this key and getting the details thro JCE example . – MSSV Oct 29 '10 at 4:25
  • I updated the response and added a potential solution – Jcs Oct 29 '10 at 8:31
  • Can you please suggest if it is possible to use the publickey generated using keypair.getPublic.getEncoded() with the openSSL api call BIO_write and PEM_read_bio_RSAPublicKey – MSSV Nov 3 '10 at 1:08

BouncyCastle's PEMReader will do this for you:

String pemKey = "-----BEGIN RSA PUBLIC KEY-----\n"
            + "MIGHAoGBANAahj75ZIz9nXqW2H83nGcUao4wNyYZ9Z1kiNTUYQl7ob/RBmDzs5rY\n"
            + "mUahXAg0qyS7+a55eU/csShf5ATGzAXv+DDPcz8HrSTcHMEFpuyYooX6PrIZ07Ma\n"
            + "XtsJ2J4mhlySI5uOZVRDoaFY53MPQx5gud2quDz759IN/0gnDEEVAgED\n"
            + "-----END RSA PUBLIC KEY-----\n";
PEMReader pemReader = new PEMReader(new StringReader(pemKey));
RSAPublicKey rsaPubKey = (RSAPublicKey) pemReader.readObject();
System.out.println("Public key: "+rsaPubKey);

(Note that you may need Security.addProvider(new BouncyCastleProvider()); somewhere before.)

  • I am doing this in android. I am unable to import PEMReader. Have added compile 'org.bouncycastle:bcprov-jdk15on:1.56' in dependency. – madhuri H R Aug 9 at 6:26

You can construct a PublicKey Object from the string you provided as follows:

  1. PEM decoding the string to binary DER (using Bouncy Castle's PemReader)
  2. Feeding that binary DER into an ASN.1 parser (Bouncy's Castle's ASN1InputStream works)
  3. Get the parsed ASN.1 data from the parser (as Bouncy Castle's ASN1Primitive)
  4. Interpret that ASN.1 data as an RSA key (using Bouncy Castle's RSAPublicKey)
  5. Construct a specification for JSSE's key factory including the modulus and exponent of the RSA key (using Bouncy Castle's RSAPublicKeySpec)
  6. Use JSSE's key factory to make a public key object (JSSE PublicKey object you needed)

I was hoping for a simpler, but couldn't find one. I also couldn't get the other solutions here to work.

Pre-reqs for my solution:

  1. Java 7+ (or you'll need to manually unroll the try-with-resources)
  2. Bouncy Castle bcprov-jdk15on 1.53 or later (could arguably work with earlier, but I haven't tested it)

Full working Java 7+ example:

import org.bouncycastle.asn1.ASN1InputStream;
import org.bouncycastle.asn1.ASN1Primitive;
import org.bouncycastle.asn1.pkcs.RSAPublicKey;
import org.bouncycastle.util.io.pem.PemObject;
import org.bouncycastle.util.io.pem.PemReader;

import java.io.IOException;
import java.io.StringReader;
import java.security.KeyFactory;
import java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException;
import java.security.PublicKey;
import java.security.spec.InvalidKeySpecException;
import java.security.spec.RSAPublicKeySpec;

public interface PemToDer
    static void main(String[] args) throws
            NoSuchAlgorithmException, IOException, InvalidKeySpecException
        "-----BEGIN RSA PUBLIC KEY-----\n" +
        "MIGHAoGBANAahj75ZIz9nXqW2H83nGcUao4wNyYZ9Z1kiNTUYQl7ob/RBmDzs5rY\n" +
        "mUahXAg0qyS7+a55eU/csShf5ATGzAXv+DDPcz8HrSTcHMEFpuyYooX6PrIZ07Ma\n" +
        "XtsJ2J4mhlySI5uOZVRDoaFY53MPQx5gud2quDz759IN/0gnDEEVAgED\n" +
        "-----END RSA PUBLIC KEY-----"

    static PublicKey createRsaPublicKey(String keystr) throws
            IOException, NoSuchAlgorithmException, InvalidKeySpecException
        try (StringReader reader = new StringReader(keystr);
                PemReader pemReader = new PemReader(reader))
            PemObject pem = pemReader.readPemObject();
            byte[] der = pem.getContent();
            ASN1InputStream in = new ASN1InputStream(der);
            ASN1Primitive primitive = in.readObject();
            RSAPublicKey key = RSAPublicKey.getInstance(primitive);
            RSAPublicKeySpec spec = new RSAPublicKeySpec(
                    key.getModulus(), key.getPublicExponent()
            KeyFactory factory = KeyFactory.getInstance("RSA");
            return factory.generatePublic(spec);

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