I'm producing a set of documents in LaTeX, and I would like to provide a single, global bibliography page for the whole set. This is because each document is page-limited: I don't want to take up space with references at the bottom of each one.

This means in each case, I would like to cite in the text, but not produce a reference at the end. I am using bibtex/natbib to handle the referencing.

Simplest example:

In \citet*{MEF2010} I described the method.

How can I do this? Essentially I just want it to cite correctly:

In Bloggs, Blagg and Blog (2010) I described the method.

But not add a references section at the end. Any ideas?




Instead of using \bibliography{bibliography.bib} you can try \nobibliography{bibliography.bib}.

You still need to enter the path so it can make the cross-references.

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    Great - does exactly what it says on the tin. Note that you need to add the bibentry for this to work: \usepackage{bibentry} – Dave Oct 27 '10 at 15:33

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