So, we have coding books, coding RSS feeds, and music to code by. Are there any coding magazines that anyone would recommend?

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The venerable Dr. Dobbs Journal is still pretty good. It covers multiple platforms, and mixes some fairly hard-core technical articles with lighter fare (interviews with notables, a "Developer Diaries" column that profiles regular-Joe (and Jane) developers from a range of fields). If you are employed and have authority to spend some non-trivial amount of money on tools (or are willing to claim that you do), you can probably get them to send it to you for free.

For the Microsoft world, MSDN Magazine is very useful. Some of their columns are excellent, particularly Jeff Richter's Concurrent Affairs.


The Pragmatic Programmers' Pragmatic Bookshelf publishes a free magazine available online and for download in various formats:

Each month, our editor Michael Swaine brings you a free magazine packed full of interesting articles, features, and departments. Download it in PDF, mobi (good for the Kindle), and epub (great for Stanza on the iPhone).


I also enjoy Dr. Dobb's Journal. But hey, there's a way to leech it for free (at the time of writing, anyway):


Replace <mm> and <yy> with month and year. They're available 8/2006 thru 2/2009.

Afterwards, it's known as Dr. Dobb's Digest and is instead available at URL pattern:



Dr. Dobbs Journal is a pretty good broad-based programmer's journal. Covers all manner of material.


Game Developer Magazine has lots of very good articles, though as you might expect they tend to skew towards C++.


Visual Studio Magazine has some gems every once in awhile


I like Dr. Dobb's Journal also but the magazine refers the reader to their web site for most of the interesting articles. I have found the Java Developer's Journal very interesting because it contains articles about Java in the context of both web and enterprise applications.


For the Perl crowd, there is of course The Perl Review. And for the German-speaking subset of it, there's the Foo Magazin as well.


VSJ, I find it a great mag :) http://www.vsj.co.uk/


This is NOT off-topic! It directly relates to programming!


I subscribe to MSDN magazine, it's a bit thinner now than in years past, but for .NET it covers a variety of topics, it's a good way to keep abreast of new Microsoft offerings.

All the content is available online on MSDN, and of course online resources/blogs are a lot more up to date, but sometimes it's nice to have a magazine in your bag for a flight or layover.


I really enjoy IEEE Software because it covers broader issues regarding software engineering.


Definitely Your Sinclair. Hands down.


I really enjoy Code and asp.netPRO ... Visual Studio is so-so.


The ACCU mags, Overload and C-Vu.

I like Game Developers Magazine, but since the ECTS no longer runs I no longer get free ones anymore:-(

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    They are a little thin but interesting reading. – graham.reeds Feb 11 '17 at 15:10

Python Magazine of course ! BTW they are looking for contributors...


I like Embedded Systems. Even if you don't program for embedded systems, the software articles are excellent. http://www.embedded.com/


Both the IEEE and ACM put out a number of good computing magazines, which might be of interest depending on your exact interests. I'm a subscriber to both.


The ACM Queue has some hardcore content, dense, but good. I haven't read it in a while though.


For Delphi delvelopers "Blaise" international magazine - www.blaisepascal.eu

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