Disclaimer: This is not about installing Anaconda packages in general. I know I can do this via cli. This is about installing them via PyCharm and the specific question is about how to add a repo. (Just saying.)

I want to use Anaconda in PyCharm, and the interpreter works, but not the package installing. When I press + in enter image description here I get enter image description here, which does not allow me to install new packages. Pressing "Manage Repositories" and then "+" gives me enter image description here so I suspect that I need to add a repository URL, but I could not find any information in the internet about what to enter. What am I supposed to do?

Because of

$ conda info
Using Anaconda Cloud api site https://api.anaconda.org
Current conda install:

             platform : linux-64
        conda version : 4.0.6
  conda-build version : 1.20.0
       python version : 2.7.11.final.0
     requests version : 2.7.0
     root environment : /Development/Anaconda-Python-Distribution/anaconda2  (writable)
  default environment : /Development/Anaconda-Python-Distribution/anaconda2
     envs directories : /Development/Anaconda-Python-Distribution/anaconda2/envs
        package cache : /Development/Anaconda-Python-Distribution/anaconda2/pkgs
         channel URLs : https://repo.continuum.io/pkgs/free/linux-64/
          config file : /home/user/.condarc
    is foreign system : False

I added


to "Manage Repositories", but when I pressed "Reload List of packages" in "Available Packages" I still did not get any packages.


Here is my settings window in 2017.3.4 Community Edition

enter image description here

  • I don't use PyCharm so I can't test this, but does this: repo.continuum.io/pkgs/free/linux-64 work? (make sure to sub in your actual OS) – darthbith Oct 31 '16 at 20:18
  • @darthbith: No, it did not (yes, I am using a 64-bit Linux indeed). Where did you get the link from? Source? – Make42 Oct 31 '16 at 20:48
  • conda info prints the URL of the repositories conda uses for channels. Maybe try https://conda.anaconda.org/conda-forge/linux-64 – darthbith Nov 1 '16 at 13:28
  • @darthbith: I tried (see updated question), but it did not work. – Make42 Nov 1 '16 at 13:38
  • Did you try the conda-forge URL? It might be that the repo.continuum.io URLs require some validation that is possible in conda but not more generally. Sorry I don't use PyCharm and can't test this... – darthbith Nov 1 '16 at 13:42

You might have been using an older version at the time of posting, but in PyCharm 2017.3 there's a separate green Conda icon next to the plus button you clicked, and when clicked uses the Conda package manager.

enter image description here

  • As you can see in my edit to the question: I have the button, but it is not click-able. – Make42 Mar 27 '18 at 14:03
  • Perhaps because PyCharm is now already using the Conda package manager for that project. I think for a new project you ought to be able to click it once. – opyate Mar 27 '18 at 14:15
  • Yes, that is right. I am already using Conda package manager (I wasn't sure what the button was supposed to do). It seems that the issue from my question is partly resolved: I can see packages now and can install them. However, I just upgraded a package via PyCharm. Then I checked via command line with conda list, but there the package still has the old version number... – Make42 Mar 28 '18 at 9:53

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