I'm working within Maya. What i need is to import a custom package and completely reload it inlcuding all subpackages and modules. Mainly because i want Maya autocompletes for me the module path while im writing. For example i have this kind of package structure

root (package)
    subpackage1 (package)
        __init__.py (module)
        a.py (module)
        b.py (module)

    subpackage2 (package)
        c.py (module)
        d.py (module)
        e.py (module)

What i did on __init__.py files is to import all submodules and one by one to reload them there

ex: root.subpackage1.__init__.py

import a
import b

This is very tedious, and thus i suppose there is a much better way to import and reload all the structure

When i import the package the first time the whole structure is load into memory.

import root

so lets suppose now i update a.py file and add a function named my_test. I need again to reload all package structure to be able to evaluate it like this.


whitout doing this...

from root.subpackage import a

I wall everything to be reloaded when i import and reload root whats the best practice to do this? Thanks in advance.


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The closest thing I have found is directly based on this answer to a similar question (https://stackoverflow.com/a/1057534/7124215). I have introduced some changes for the __init__.py files of your question:

from os.path import dirname, basename, isfile
import glob

modules = glob.glob(dirname(__file__)+"/*.py")
__all__ = [ basename(f)[:-3] for f in modules if isfile(f) and not f.endswith('__init__.py')]

from . import *
for module in __all__:

del dirname, basename, isfile, glob, modules

Does this help? I apologize if I have not understood your question correctly.

  • Thank you very much, its a nice way to reload all content dynamically. Jun 14, 2018 at 21:10

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