I am working on app engine endpoints (back end), i have created credentials for ios, web application and others, client id and Client secret are generated (same id are added as part of endpoint code ). Now i assume app engine endpoint requests are authorized by oauth from the IOS and when call it from api-explorer. My questions are

  1. When endpoints are tested through api-explorer, without client id i am able to get success response. Is it something i need to do, so that oauth is the first level of security always ?
   @Api(name = "myapp", version = "v1", description = "myapp cloud-endpoint", 
clientIds = {Constants.WEB_CLIENT_ID, Constants.IOS_CLIENT_ID})
public class YourFirstAPI {
  1. How to give client id and Client secret from IOS client while consuming app engine endpoints ?

Please help me on this.

  1. Endpoints auth is optional. If you need to require auth, currently you need to inject the User parameter into your API methods and check them manually. For example,

    public void apiMethod(User user) { if (user == null) { throw new UnauthorizedException(); } ... }

  2. I suggest you check out the Rest iOS client docs.

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