I'd like to use Prometheus's Consul integration to auto-discover all my consul nodes. At the moment, my Prometheus server only receives nodes from a single datacenter in Consul eventhough I never actually specified which datacenter to use in the configuration (I guess it just picked the one that my consul-client (installed on my prometheus server) is part of).

How do I get all the nodes from all the datacenters that consul is aware of?

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The solution we found was to use the 'datacenter' keyword in the configuration - and to explicitly list of the datacenters we have. Its not optimal (because we might add/remove datacenters in the future) but it does work. below is an example:

  - job_name: 'consul'
       - server:   ''
         datacenter: 'datacenter-name-1'
       - server:   ''
         datacenter: 'datacenter-name-2'
       - server:   ''
         datacenter: 'datacenter-name-3'

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