I was trying to find how may I simulate (i.e. generate ARIMA in the mean model and a GARCh in the variance model) in R.

I tried searching online but I only found how to fit such a model using

spec <- ugarchspec( variance.model = list(   
                                            model = "sGARCH", 
                                             garchOrder = c(1, 1),
                                             submodel = NULL, 
                                             external.regressors = NULL, 
                                             variance.targeting = FALSE),

                                             mean.model = list(  armaOrder = c(1, 1), 
                                                                 include.mean = TRUE, 
                                                                 archm = FALSE,
                                                                 archpow = 1, 
                                                                 arfima = FALSE, 
                                                                 external.regressors = NULL, 
                                                                 archex = FALSE),
                                                                 distribution.model = "norm", 
                                                                 start.pars = list(), 
                                                                 fixed.pars = list()

Then I write

garch <- ugarchfit(spec = spec, data = data, solver.control = list(trace=0))

This is obviously fitting and not simulating i.e. generating random variables.


Perhaps you're looking for the ugarchsim function which takes the result of ugarchfit as an input.

Check out this example.

  • yes metasequia (thank you very much), but I do not know how to use it? like if I want to generate say an ARMA(2,1)-Garch(1,2) how may I do so with ugarchsim – user7075165 Nov 2 '16 at 10:03
  • Please consult the documentation and some examples. If you encounter specific errors that your attempts cannot resolve, then consider writing an SO question with reproducible code, the error, and what you've tried. – metasequoia Nov 2 '16 at 14:31
  • thank you very much metasquoia I will do so :) – user7075165 Nov 2 '16 at 14:32

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