I have a route /main/item:id

which looks something like:


In my html I want to be able to use an *ngIf to show something if this is the route or not. I do not want to use router outlet for this.

The issue I am having might be regarding the param.

I am doing something like:

 <div *ngIf="this.router.url !== '/main/item:id'">

But this does not work for me as it sees this as always false. Thanks


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What I would do is set your *ngIf equal to a boolean value. then use ngOninIt or something along those lines to change the value of that bool depending on your Url. Here is a working plunker. NOTE: only focus on the home.ts file in the plunker. you can also prove that this is working by changing the *ngIf value as necessary.

P.S sorry the plunker is filled with irrelevant info here is the important stuff though...

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { Router, RouterModule } from '@angular/router';

    template: `<h1>home</h1> <button (click)="Nav()">nav to second</button>
     <div *ngIf="!mybool">I am only showing if my route is home!</div>

export class HomeComponent {
 constructor(private router: Router,){

  if(this.router.url === '/'){

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