I'm following this example of social login integration using Hybridauth with Google and Twitter:

Hybridauth Example

When I try to sign up (first time), HTTP Error 500 appears (or blank page when I'm using Firefox). However, the new user is created in de database.

Then, I try to log in again with the same user, and it shows this error:

Error: Duplicate entry 'xxxxx@gmail.com' for key 'email'

(I'm using echo when it catches an exception in login.php)

When I check error_log the following error appears:

[01-Nov-2016 15:34:33 UTC] PHP Notice:  Database error:  in /***/conect.php on line 19
[01-Nov-2016 15:34:34 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function fetch_object() on a non-object in /***/conect.php on line 18

This is working the same for Google and Twitter

I can't figure out what's going wrong

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