Does MySql has the Interval datatype as PostgreSQL (or like TimeSpan in .net) does?

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Nope, there is no time interval data type in MySQL. There is a feature request for one though, but apparently it hasn't gotten much attention.

The time type can be used for such a purpose though, as suggested by the documentation

MySQL retrieves and displays TIME values in 'HH:MM:SS' format (or 'HHH:MM:SS' format for large hours values). TIME values may range from '-838:59:59' to '838:59:59'. The hours part may be so large because the TIME type can be used not only to represent a time of day (which must be less than 24 hours), but also elapsed time or a time interval between two events (which may be much greater than 24 hours, or even negative).

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    not disagreeing with your remarks about MySQL, just noting for posterity that ISO8601 5.3.2, regarding Time datatype (i.e. time-of-day), states that the day runs from 00:00 to 24:00, and 24:00 is a valid value to distinguish the start of the 24-hour day from the end of the 24-hour day. So, per ISO, a time of day value must less than or equal to 24 hours. Some databases are ISO-compliant on this point, others not.
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    Feb 5, 2013 at 13:18

No. There are interval functions, but not datatypes.

If the intervals you're concerned with are less than 838 hours, you might be able to use the TIME type to get the behavior you want.

From the manual:

MySQL interprets TIME values as elapsed time rather than as time of day.

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