What is this response header (x-Application-Context) stands for? is it specific to Spring framework?

what does the below header means?

X-Application-Context   airtel-project-service:aws:27094

does it reveals any senstive information like hostname or port number?


Spring Boot ApplicationContextHeaderFilter does add this header. Class description:

OncePerRequestFilter to add a X-Application-Context header that contains the ApplicationContext ID.

AppliationContext ID is a name for the deployed application that this context belongs to.

You can change the default behavior by setting management.add-application-context-header property to false.

management.add-application-context-header=true # Add the "X-Application-Context" HTTP header in each response.

Spring Boot resolved issue 1308.

  • On my config, springboot does not recognize a comment that is on the same line than a property definition. I had to move it above.
    – Julian Go
    Jul 26 '17 at 8:58

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