am working on android project on macbook, of recent i just emptied my recycle bin but when i sync my project i get the following error Error:Could not read cache value from **/Users/gsp/.gradle/daemon/2.10/registry.bin'

****i know this question has been asked before and i have read through the solutions but i have failed to locate location of registry.bin file now my question is how do i delete the "registry.bin" file as it has been suggested****

i have tried checking for ".gradle" in my user folder but in its not there

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You have the path in your error message.

  1. Open Finder
  2. Press Cmd+Shift+G
  3. Type in ~/.gradle and press enter
  4. Then go to the "daemon" folder and delete the folder named "2.10"
  5. Rebuild/sync your project

just go /Users/gsp/.gradle/daemon/2.10 directory and delete all files in that directory. that should work...


you should delete only that directory that mention in file path like 2.10 or 4.1 etc.

for example android studio giving error like: Error:Could not read cache value from 'C:\Users\User_Name\.gradle\daemon\4.1\registry.bin'.

And manually browse the given directory "C:\Users\User_Name\.gradle\daemon" and delete folder 4.1. after that, you should go android studio and click on sync gradle icon.

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