I have a service running inside a docker-container, which by default only binds to localhost.

I could reconfigure / reprogram this service to bind to all interfaces, but this might have security implications in other contexts. Is there any way to expose a service bound to localhost inside a docker container?

  • I was going to suggest iptables with --cap-add=NET_ADMIN but it appears there are some issues with DNAT in the container name space – Matt Nov 3 '16 at 12:44

I ended up using socat inside the docker container, to proxy any tcp connections on the relevant port-number coming in on the public interface, to the private interface.

For example, this can be added to the docker-container run-script to proxy a service bound on localhost:3000 to the :3000, where it can be EXPOSED and --linked like any other service. Make sure to install socat inside the container.

socat TCP4-LISTEN:3000,bind=`hostname -I | tr -d '[:space:]'`,fork TCP4:localhost:3000 &

Please note; I am using hostname -I | tr -d '[:space:]' to discover the ip of the docker container. Since normally docker containers have only one public ip, this works well.

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