I am new to java.time. Please, be patient. What is the difference between

  Symbol  Meaning                     Presentation      Examples
  ------  -------                     ------------      -------
    F       week-of-month               number            3
    W       week-of-month               number            4 

isn't it just

  Symbol  Meaning                     Presentation      Examples
  ------  -------                     ------------      -------
    F/W       week-of-month               number            3


  Symbol  Meaning                     Presentation      Examples
  ------  -------                     ------------      -------
   Y       week-based-year             year              1996; 96
   u       year                        year              2004; 04
   y       year-of-era                 year              2004; 04



The difference between u and y has already been addressed: What is the difference between year and year-of-era?

Difference between W and F

There is a bug in the javadoc for F.

W is the week of month, as represented by Weekfields::weekOfMonth:

This represents the concept of the count of weeks within the month where weeks start on a fixed day-of-week, such as Monday.

F is the aligned day of week in month, as represented by ChronoField.ALIGNED_DAY_OF_WEEK_IN_MONTH:

This represents the concept of the count of days within the period of a week where the weeks are aligned to the start of the month.

F behaves similarly in DateTimeFormatter and SimpleDateFormat.

Example: if you use 2016-11-07 as an input, W will return 2 (2nd week of the month) but F will return 7 (7th day of the first aligned week, which starts on the 1st of the month).

  • so, 2016-11-08 yields 1 for F? is there also smth like aligned_week_number? – Antonio Nov 6 '16 at 16:06
  • Yes. I don't think so. – assylias Nov 6 '16 at 22:04
  • There is no letter for ChronoField.ALIGNED_WEEK_OF_MONTH or ALIGNED_WEEK_OF_YEAR, but the value can be output via DateTimeFormatterBuilder – JodaStephen Nov 7 '16 at 17:04
  • If it doesn't turn up in the public system in the next month, ping me – JodaStephen Nov 8 '16 at 10:35

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