This is the script I tried that didn't work:

@echo off
echo Warning: 1/30 chance to crash
set back1=null
set back2=null
set back3=null
set back4=null
set /a integertype=%random% %% 2+1
if %integertype%==1 set sys=#
if %integertype%==2 set sys=str
if %integertype%==1 set /a back1=%random% %% 9+1
if %integertype%==2 set /a back2=%random% %% 6+1
if back1=null goto skiprc
set color 2=%back3%
goto skiprc2
if %back2%==1 set %back2%=a
if %back2%==2 set %back2%=b
if %back2%==3 set %back2%=c
if %back2%==4 set %back2%=d
if %back2%==5 set %back2%=e
if %back2%==6 set %back2%=f
if %back1%=1 set com1=1
if %back1%=2 set com1=2
if %back1%=3 set com1=3
if %back1%=4 set com1=4
if %back1%=5 set com1=5
if %back1%=6 set com1=6
if %back1%=7 set com1=7
if %back1%=8 set com1=8
if %back1%=9 set com1=9
if %back2%=a set com1=a
if %back2%=b set com1=b
if %back2%=c set com1=c
if %back2%=d set com1=d
if %back2%=e set com1=e
if %back2%=f set com1=f
set /a integertype2=%random% %% 2+1
if %integertype2%==1 set sys=number
if %integertype2%==2 set sys=string
if %integertype2%==1 set /a back3=%random% %% 9+1
if %integertype2%==2 set /a back4=%random% %% 6+1
if back3=null goto skiprc3
set color 1=%back3%
goto skiprc4
if %back4%==1 set %back4%=a
if %back4%==2 set %back4%=b
if %back4%==3 set %back4%=c
if %back4%==4 set %back4%=d
if %back4%==5 set %back4%=e
if %back4%==6 set %back4%=f
if %back3%=1 set com2=1
if %back3%=2 set com2=2
if %back3%=3 set com2=3
if %back3%=4 set com2=4
if %back3%=5 set com2=5
if %back3%=6 set com2=6
if %back3%=7 set com2=7
if %back3%=8 set com2=8
if %back3%=9 set com2=9
if %back4%=a set com2=a
if %back4%=b set com2=b
if %back4%=c set com2=c
if %back4%=d set com2=d
if %back4%=e set com2=e
if %back4%=f set com2=f
color %com1%%com2%
goto action
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    didn't work is an absolutely useless problem description. In what way specifically does it not work? – Ken White Nov 3 '16 at 0:00
  • Please learn how to use this site by reading the 2-minutes tour and the help topic: How do I ask a good question? – aschipfl Nov 3 '16 at 12:53
  • I meant that it goes through every part of the program but terminates when it arrives at :action. – Joseph Massingill Nov 6 '16 at 18:52

If it helps, the following example should produce a random console color scheme:

@Echo Off
SetLocal EnableDelayedExpansion
Set/A b=!random! %% 16
Set/A f=!random! %% 16
If %b% Equ %f% GoTo :loop
Set h=0123456789ABCDEF
Set c=!h:~%b%,1!!h:~%f%,1!
Timeout -1

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