Is there a way to get the absolute path of a file while having it included in another script?

So I'm trying to include a file that's in folder A while I'm in folder B but it keeps trying to refer to folder B's location.

I've tried dirname, $SERVER['PHP_SELF'], cwd(), but they still return a relative path.


You can try like this

include dirname(__FILE__).'/../yourfile.php';

Since PHP 5.3.0 you can use also the magic constant __DIR__ More info in the docs

Another way is

$rootDir = realpath($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]);

include "$rootDir/yourfile.php";
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    +1 for the options! that made me think of this (common?) line: $base_dr = basename(__DIR__); (where the directory at the top of the structure drives biz logic somehow). – WEBjuju Jul 26 '18 at 15:19


That is the absolute path to the file being executed.

simple usage examples:

echo __FILE__;

echo "This file is: " . __FILE__;

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    This is simpler and easy to remember – Billal Begueradj Oct 30 '19 at 12:54

If you need the real path you can use the SplFileInfo.

$path = new SplFileInfo(__FILE__);
echo 'The real path is '.$path->getRealPath();

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